The New River Valley branch of the Industrial Workers of the World recently passed an emergency resolution on the inter-imperialist escalations in Ukraine, calling on fellow workers across Virginia to join their efforts in stopping US ruling class imperialist maneuverings there. Click here to endorse the NRV IWW resolution below:

IWW NRV GMB Resolution on the Inter-Imperialist Escalations in the Ukraine

Whereas the working class has no borders and,

Whereas the main enemy is not abroad, but at home and,

Whereas it is the duty of every worker to defeat their national ruling class and their plots for imperialist expansions through war,

Be it resolved that the New River Valley IWW fully commits to mobilizing our fellow workers to stop US imperialist machinations in Ukraine by uniting unionized and unorganized workers under the banner of anti-imperialism and worker internationalism by any means necessary, including stoppages in the US imperialist supply chains across our localities.

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  1. Defeat the inter-imperialist war for a New Zimmerwald.

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