We’ve come together across all corners of the state of Virginia to boldly claim that now is the time more than ever before to establish an independent political pole representing the interests and aspirations of the Virginia working class.

Not since the presence of the Communist Party in the early 20th century has the Virginia working class had a political body to represent its interests as an independent class force within our state.

Since the eventual decay of the Communist Party and the abandonment of independent working class organization and politics we’ve seen a persistent decline in the power of the Virginia working class as it has been enveloped by liberalism, reformism, and opportunism through its mass organizations in the trade unions, non-profits and tailing of the imperialist Democratic Party.

What passes for “the Left” today in our state is a hollow, impotent network of business unions and non-profits with their designated bureaucrats and affiliated politicians pushing ineffectual slogans and demands that perpetuate a stratum of overpaid staffers who function as poverty pimps rather than as militant class leaders pushing us towards capturing political and economic power for the Virginia working class.

Our goal in constituting ourselves is to set the Virginia working class on a course correction away from the politics and policies that leave us impotent and consistently ranked the worst state for workers in the US. 

We use this space to share our organizing experiences across the varying sectors and geographies of our state as we work to establish deeper unity in charting a revolutionary path forward in Virginia. We’re here to complete the tasks set before us by our legendary freedom fighters such as Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser, and John Brown.

Our Points of Unity:

  • The Virginia Worker is by and for the working-class of Virginia, and rejects all collaboration with the capitalist class.
  • We stand for the political independence of the working class and will not encourage any work that supports either the Republicans or Democrats.
  • We support the establishment of a working class party to fight for socialism and see the Virginia Worker as a necessary step in that direction. 
  • The Virginia Worker is a Marxist publication. While we encourage submissions from all Left anti-capitalists our editorial line and basic orientation is Marxist.
  • As an organ of the working class we see the coverage and support of labor struggles as a primary responsibility. 
  • Similarly, we see providing a space for political and theoretical discussion between Left anti-capitalists in our state as a primary responsibility, with the goal of promoting quality analysis of current conditions and fostering the principled ideological unity necessary for a successful revolutionary worker’s party.